Delicate Words for Your Needs

In the last two installments we talked about how determining our needs can go a long way to…well…getting our needs met! Go figure.

Lots of people grow up believing that they either don’t have many needs or their needs don’t deserve to be met. But think about that – you wouldn’t look at a cat and say “they have no needs”. Even a guppy, lower down on the evolutionary totem pole, has needs, so why wouldn’t we?

In addition to our basic needs for food, water, touch, shelter and security we need to be loved and feel as though we belong. We need respect and freedom and the opportunity to choose our own dreams and values as well as a whole lot of other things. I encourage you to go to www.cupofempathy for a full downloadable list of needs, but in the meanwhile, here is a list of the categories of human needs: Physical well-being, Harmony, Autonomy, Power, Pleasure, Connection, Liveliness, Authenticity, Meaning and Love, and Attention. Then, any time someone irritates you, pull out that handy list and see if you can nail the need behind your gritted teeth or clenched fist.

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