Trauma-Informed Counselling

We should feel safe and alive both within our skin and as we navigate the world around us. But often we get caught in “spun-out”, “depleted” or “stuck” states unable to access feelings of safety and aliveness. I am here to help loosen the grip of those states so that you thrive at home, school, work and play.

Most people come to counselling because they have a sense there can be more to life for themselves and/or their children. They often feel the supports they have in place aren’t enough to get them there.

My role is to help you clarify what you would like in your life, to explain how our nervous systems work, then tailor an individual program that is exactly what you want and need.

This investment in the life you want for yourself (or your child) can yield tremendous rewards. It will comfortably stretch you and bring you to a new and better place.

My Credentials

After teaching high school for many years I turned my attention to understanding why some young people have difficulty learning (as well as sleeping, staying calm, having energy and having focus). In turn that brought me to the methods that can permit young brains to thrive. In no time adults wanted the same things and I grew to understand the power of the brain and nervous system to change and thrive at any age.

The work I do is different from most others because I work at the level of the nervous system where lasting change can take place.

I have credentials in counselling, neurofeedback brain training and family dynamics. The shock trauma work I do includes pre and peri-natal trauma, anesthesia, surgery, high fevers, suffocation, choking and drowning; high impact events such as falls, acquired brain injury and accidents; natural and human-made disasters, inescapable attacks, emotional trauma, horror, abuse and war.

I am also qualified to work with trauma resulting from the steady drip of difficulties or the lack of good connections.

I take my own spiritual growth very seriously and through it have come to see myself ever more clearly and dearly. The tools I have used getting to this point are tools I am happy to share with you so that you too might see yourself clearly and dearly. PS –  You can’t have one without the other – it doesn’t work!

I am a mother and grandmother, enjoy writing and hiking long distances. I raise sheep with my husband on our farm near Merrickville, Ontario.

To book a session

Phone:  613-269-4427 or Email