Client Stories

Trauma Relief

Shortly into the pandemic, my 7 year old daughter started complaining about body pains. They seemed to be all over her body and never lasted long in one spot. She never had any other symptoms and we eventually decided it was anxiety related. I have had much success working with Carol for my anxiety so I reached out to see how we could help my daughter.

My daughter had a traumatic birth experience. She entered the world with 4 broken ribs. Although she does not remember this, there are studies that show the body can still remember traumas. I believe now when my daughter is put in a stressful situation or her anxiety is high, her body reacts to it by causing “pains” to trigger her to respond in a certain way. Carol used physical aids and visual tools to help my daughter cope with these feelings and allow her body to regulate to a state where the pains did not manifest anymore. I am so thankful to Carol, for her knowledge and the support she provides for my family.”


“For months after a bad car accident, I would easily go into panic. I would hyperventilate and cry behind the wheel whenever I was faced with anything that reminded me of the accident. Carol helped me work through the trauma, carefully taking it apart to help me process it. After our session, I found myself able to respond to situations in the car more reasonably. I’m able to drive past the scene without any panic, and I no longer panic when I’m on a corner or the weather is poor. Carol’s treatment was a lifesaver; without it I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through the next winter.” KH

Neurofeedback – Youth*

“Our teenage son was experiencing anxiety when we decided to try neurofeedback. Since taking 12 sessions we returned to our doctor who noticed our son seemed more happy and relaxed. The only change between visits was adding neurofeedback.”

“My thirteen year old daughter was experiencing a high level of anxiety every day. It impacted her socially, academically, emotionally and physically. She was not able to focus on her school work. She didn’t sleep well and she was not able to cope well with normal life stressors. Her daily anxiety is now to a point that she is sleeping and eating better. She no longer dreads going to school or engaging in activities outside of the home.”  LC

“For a long time I was ranked at 200 for the videogame I’ve been playing. That changed after a few neurofeedback sessions; I am now ranked at 80th. I also found I can look for better options and strategies when I am rock climbing.” NS,  19 yr.

“Our child started Grade 2 reading at a Kindergarten/ Early Grade 1 level. Reading had always been a struggle for him causing much frustration and avoidance behaviours. After 2 months of Neurofeedback he was retested at school and had jumped eight categories so he is reading at the end of Grade 2 level. He states that since starting Neurofeedback 2 months ago reading comes a lot easier to him. He shares he feels less frustrated and more confident. As parents we have seen a drastic shift in his overall academic confidence, a reduction in aggression/frustration tendencies and an overall happier child.

I would highly recommend Carol. She is attentive, caring and accommodating. Thanks to Neurofeedback we have seen our child emerge!”

Neurofeedback and Counselling – Adults*

“The training I have done with Carol has made me stronger, more positive, more understanding for sure, and much less angry and confused….”

“For years I have been having bad dreams that would disturb my sleep. Since the exercise Carol and I did together I have not had any bad dreams and feel more at peace with myself.  My dreams are now happy ones.”

“When I started doing neurofeedback I was not sleeping at night. I would be up almost every hour all night long. I used to look at the clock and think to myself, “Oh no, I still have hours until morning!” Now I am sleeping through the night with very few disturbances. It is wonderful! I find that my mind is very clear. I can do math calculations without a pencil and paper.”

“I feel as though I have come out of a long, dark tunnel and am now at the end of it looking out on a beautiful sunny day.  It’s such a relief to be able to look forward to the future with hope and even joy.” LP

“I suffer from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia and can’t push myself too much. One day, I over- exerted myself to the point of exhaustion. I had helped my son move a small deep freeze from the basement of our house. I was so tired, in fact, that I wasn’t able to drive. My wife had to drive me to my neurofeedback appointment. During the training I fell into a deep sleep but afterwards I felt great. My wife could hardly believe the difference when she picked me up. I was alert and animated. ” TG

“My body was quickly aging and becoming debilitated. I had terrible insomnia for months. Many nights I only had 2 hrs of sleep. The first session with neurofeedback was surprisingly very successful for me. About 10 min after leaving the session, I was met with a space of peace and calm in my mind. Things seemed to clear in my head.

Since that experience and with helpful suggestions from Carol I have been able to sleep again.  I have tried several modalities in my lifetime and I must say that I have never experienced anything so quickly and positive as neurofeedback. I am truly thankful for being introduced to it and highly recommend this to everyone.” TA

“Everyday functioning is starting to be easy and make sense. I feel like I am starting to have an opening from my state of overwhelm and frustration so that I can create more resourcefully, maturely and competently what I want for the rest of my life. I wish I had this 30 yrs ago. What would my life have been like! Wow!”

“I feel freed up and capable. I’m glad I didn’t quit my job and leave my marriage as I thought I was going to have to.”

“At a time when stress, social anxiety and life events caught up to me and brought my life to a standstill, Carol brought Neurofeedback to me. The sessions changed how I felt and thought and after a few sessions my thinking shifted to a more positive, gentle place. This change was something I’d been trying to do on my own for almost 15 years. It was a struggle every day.

I’ve noticed a change in the way my students react to me in a more pleasant, relaxed, and friendly way. Not that they were unfriendly before, but there’s a definite relaxation about interactions now. To me, being able to change my thought pathways was key, and that’s what I believe will helpdstudents in school.”  AF, Teacher

*Any concerns mentioned are intended as examples only and not meant to suggest that NeurOptimal treats, mitigates, cures or diagnoses any listed concern. Instead, identified concerns are one of the many ways to measure shifts in brain functioning and perception.