Neurofeedback and Trauma-Informed Counselling in Merrickville, Ontario

Children and Teens

We support children and teens caught in any of the patterns of the “Winnie the Pooh” characters.

Think of them…Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl and even Winnie himself. Wouldn’t you rather your child had access to the wonderful traits of all of the characters in Hundred Acre Woods without being stuck in the pattern of any one animal?

We’ll support you as you support your child’s development.

New Adults

Stepping out into the world (or stepping into it via your computer placed squarely in your bedroom at your parents’) can be a scary thing.

We’ll support your unique talents and help you overcome what’s blocking you so that you can start your new life with confidence, connection and a sense of adventure.


There are plenty of reasons to feel “spun-out” or “stuck in place” right now.

We’ll support what genes and/or life experience (including traumatic events such as a car accident) have given you so that you are able to navigate the world feeling calm and alive.

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