Systemic Constellation Work, originally  referred to as the Family Constellation Work of the German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, SCW, is a process by which the participant/group creates an image of where they are stuck and the facilitator works with them until the participant/group sees a peaceful way forward. It is a simple, quick (most sessions take 1.5 – 2 hrs.), effective (in one study participants reported improved functioning at the 2-week and 4-month follow-up*) and deeply respectful of our loyalties.  The underlying patterns which are revealed in this work prove helpful in resolving personal, family and organizational difficulties. 

Mark Wolynn, internationally- recognized Family Constellation Facilitator, has this to say about Constellations connected with family issues: “(Bert)Hellinger has observed that traumatic events, such as the premature death of a parent, sibling or child, an abandonment, crime or suicide, can exert a powerful force affecting later generations. Entangled with unhappiness from the past, family members often continue patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, fear, chronic illness and unfulfilled relationships. It’s a common theme: sad mother, sad daughter… alcoholic father, alcoholic son… the relationship difficulties of the parents, mirrored by the children.”


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