Get Smart!


I’ll write more later on ways to handle tension, but today I’d like to share a little on how the brain is able to change when given the right information.


Are you having trouble focusing on the things that matter? Do you watch others gather friends and make people feel comfortable leaving you wondering what they know that you don’t? Do you wish you were just a tad smarter?


There was a time when after listening to a teacher give a lengthy explanation I would think, “I have absolutely no idea what you just told me!” Turns out that people like me with auditory processing difficulties either have trouble taking in verbal information, or they file the information in random places and have trouble retrieving it. The good news is that I am changing that and you can too!


It turns out that there are two distinct periods of “brain plasticity” (when the brain is able to change). The first is called the Infant Critical Period which sets you up for life. The second is Adult Plasticity when teens and adults are able to refine the neural processes of their brains.


I will almost never recommend a product on this blog, but here’s one that helped me with the auditory processing and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s called Brain HQ and it provides 29 online games that help improve attentionbrain speedmemorypeople skillsnavigation, and intelligence! You can sign up for random, free, daily exercises, or you can purchase a year’s subscription that tailors the exercises to match your needs. If you are interested you can try a few exercises this week then, if you like them, take advantage of the Mother’s Day special! Honestly, you will thank me if you do. You’ll be able to join the 87% who found their cognitive functioning improved.

Brain HQ:

1 thought on “Get Smart!

  1. I tried Brainhq today and I decided to subscribe! C’est génial pour moi…exactement ce que j’ai besoin présentement!
    Merci beaucoup

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