Rocking – It’s Not Just For Babies

Rocking Soothes Your System

Here’s another super simple way to calm the nervous system: rock your body, from side to side like your parents did when you were little, or forward and back in a rocking chair or swing in your yard. Do this for 10 min per day. If you do it before bed you will fall asleep faster, have deeper sleep and improve your long-term memory at the same time!

Want to know some of the science behind this? Our brains are wired to respond to rocking – that’s why your parents automatically did it for you when you were a baby. Without even knowing it they were stimulating your vestibular system, the organs of your inner ear which coordinate movement with balance.

If you want to know more, or want to see a clip of a young adult in a rocking bed, go to:

1 thought on “Rocking – It’s Not Just For Babies

  1. I just want to share that last night, I rocked myself for twenty minutes before going to bed. I felt so peaceful and calm after. I went to bed and fell asleep easily. I slept for eight hours in a row. This had not happened for me in many days. I woke up rested and well disposed to start a day of work.
    Je crois que le fait de me bercer m’aide également à me recentrer vers l’amour au lieu de la peur. J’ai put descendre dans mon coeur au lieu de penser…penser..penser.
    Thank you Carol, continue de nous inspirer, nous sommes privilégés!

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